Every year, another birthday.  Getting older is a weird feeling.  I am sure at every age, you look back and wish you could be 25, 35 or 45 again…My philosophy, who cares how old you are as long as you look good in your skin and feel amazing about who you are!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not something that comes without a little work.  Skin maintenance, grooming, and proper nutrition all play a huge role, I think, in how your face appears.  I used to have issues with hormonal acne, clogged pores, really dry skin, etc.  I have found a combination of products and tips that I have gathered over the years that I think have made a difference.  And let me tell you, the green smoothie works wonders as well!  So without further ado, here is my skin care regime and favorite products!

First, I like to start with a REALLY clean face.  I was told by my esthetician here in Sacramento that the skin can only begin to change when it’s fully clean.  And she has amazing skin, so I listen to what she says.  So each night I clean my makeup off with the Eve Lom cleanser.  It comes with a cloth that aids in the cleaning process, and is really amazing.  When I misplace the cloth, I will also use a Neutrogena makeup wipes (get it wet the same way) and wipe all the grime from the day away.

Next is toning.  I LOVE this Coconut oil spray by Allaffia, and I sometimes used their cleanser as well.  My husband uses probably 10 sprays a night of the toner, so luckily it is inexpensive (since I am always purchasing it).  Lately, I have been alternating between these two products next: Retinol Reform and Super Serum Advanced– a Vitamin C product.  It is great to alternate between either a Retin-a type product and a vitamin C product for renewal and cell turnover.  This helps with wrinkles and gives a nice glow.  I also let both of these products sink in before I apply a moisturizer.


I have very dry skin, so I am in very partial to La Mer original Cream.  However, this can be a very pricey item.  I usually apply all Christmas giftcards towards this purchase about once a  year.  I also love Clinique’s Dramatically Different (original lotion) for a more budget friendly option.  And finally, for daytime, I have become obsessed with Glamglow’s Matte Moisturizer.  It smells amazing and gives a good amount of moisture, but absorbs well under makeup.

And finally, let’s not forget the eyes.  I use Rodan and Field’s Multi Function eye cream.  It works really well, and a jar lasts a long time.  I also use the roller from R & F because I have heard it helps with wrinkles and cellular turnover.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it is sold separately, but I do think it has made a difference.  Check out their site, and make sure you use someone who sells the products for discounts.

Hope you enjoyed my favorite skincare products and routine!

Ruffle top– Nordstrom (two colors)

Necklace– Kendra Scott- (3 colors- mine is rose gold)

Fresh Hi-lights- Clare Crawley