Happy Tuesday all!  Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week because it’s “share day” at school, and we fight much less about getting into the car to get to school.  That being said, getting ready, and actually putting makeup on for a Tuesday is hit or miss.  But I LOVE makeup.  I’ve been wearing a red lip since I was about 4.  Over the years, I have come to love certain products.  I have also learned how to apply them better by watching various youtube videos and instagram tutorials.

Sometimes I think my makeup always looks the same, but that’s ok with me.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Below I am going to share my favorite makeup items, and why.  I will also rank them in order of importance so if you are on a budget, you will know which to get first.  Enjoy!

Here is a glimpse of the finished look

Firstly, these two products are my favorite.  The CC cream from It cosmetics is so moisturizing, a great primer, and has spf 50.  It provides a tint that makes you look great if you just want to wear the cream alone, which I sometimes do for the gym or weekends.  If I want a more put together look, I add the  Double Wear Foundation from Estee Lauder.  It is amazing because it last a long time, doesn’t look cake, and is plenty of coverage.  With these two together, you will have the perfect base for the rest of your makeup.  I would suggest going to get your shade tested at a store so you the the perfect shade for your skin.  I am in a bit of a powder dilemma because I used to use Mac powder.  Then I started to think it was causing breakouts.  I have switched to a more natural powder, but it just doesn’t work as well.  I would suggest Mac’s powder for a special event or photos, as it really is the best.  But I do believe it clogs my pores a bit more.  The natural powders aren’t really cutting it though.

Next up is a new favorite product I just discovered, also from It Cosmetics.  Their lip tint or Je Ne Sais Quoi!  I am so horrible at French.  The name is “Your perfect pink” by It Cosmetics.  It moisturizes without being sticky at all, and is supposed to be anti-aging as well.  It adds your perfect pink tone.  I was asked by a woman who works in Sephora what I had on my lips.  It was before they got the product in stock, and she loved the look of it.  It really is great for a natural look.

I love this Bobbi Brown Bronzer as well.  It doesn’t have any sparkle which I think is great for everyday wear.  It comes in a few shades, and you can find your perfect tint.  Mine here is the Golden Light.

Next we have concealers.  I didn’t use concealer until I had children and well, now I need it.  They have created some under-eye issues, but luckily I have this arsenal below.  The very inexpensive concealer, HD Concealer by NYX is great for gym or everyday wear.  I like to use it under-eye, on my nose, or even on a blemish.  It blends easily and doesn’t settle into creases.  If your problems aren’t too severe, I would suggest going with this one.  But for those days where there isn’t enough coffee in the world, and you need some serious under-eye cream, I suggest the It cosmetics “Bye, Bye Undereye.”  It is soooo thick, and you only need a tiny bit.  I use a Beauty Blender to make it look natural (make sure to wet this first).  Btw- I am not sponsored by It Cosmetics, I just love their stuff!

And finally, we have mascara.  I have used a ton of different mascaras over the years.  I like to stick with what works, but also layer on top a different type.  Here, I use the Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes first.  This one separates well, does not clump, washes off easily, and just works.  Then, if I am going for a more dramatic, thicker look, I will layer Two Faced Better than Sex mascara.  This one is great for adding volume.  It also washes off easily which is a big thing for me.

I hope you all enjoyed my favorite, must have makeup products.  I use all of these products on a daily basis, and wouldn’t endorse them if I didn’t love them.  I am not being paid by the companies either.


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