Hi!  This post is meant for all those moms or moms to be out there that just need to be comfortable!  I don’t know about you, but opening and closing a stroller with a backpack, baby and fruit snacks in hand isn’t an easy task.  Wearing heels can be especially challenging when doing pretty much anything with a child or two that always wants to be carried.  This post is all about comfort, function and our amazing stroller!

This stroller was something we got before the second kid.  It is something I wish I had known about before the first because it can be a single or a double!  There are attachments to add the second stroller, and other attachments to fit any car seat.  It can be positioned in a zillion different ways so that you can manage to please rear facers, front facers, and for my kids- wanting to face each other (so cute).  Also, we just got the attachment for a toddler to basically skateboard off the back of the stroller.  This is fun, and I am glad we have finally started using this.  At first it was rejected with toddler attitude.  Overall, I am so happy with this stroller, and believe it is a great buy for the price as well.

Back to comfort- jeans are always my go-to on stay at home mom days of the week.  Most of my jeans are AG Brand because they come in stretch and ankle length (which is normal length on me).  Add a comfy t-shirt and addictive vans, and you have a very comfortable and versatile outfit.  If you want to switch it up for date night, slip on some heels and a leather jacket, and bam- ready to go.  Finally, I have my diaper bag by Fawn Design.  I love this thing because it is just so darn cute, and goes with everything.  It can be worn as a backpack or a shoulder bag, which I love.  It also cleans up easily because of the material.  They are coming out with more colors for spring- think bright red and pink (something I want really badly).  Another size is also coming into the collection, which I think is great once you move from baby to toddler age.  Hope all you moms out there can benefit from some of these items.

Happy Weekend!


STROLLER 🙂  The best! Also available on Amazon as well.

Skateboard add on- here 

Outfit #1

Bodysuit- Madewell

Jeans– AG Jeans

Choker– Made by Mary with Love

Necklace– James Michelle

Shoes– Target, similar, more expensive version here

Diaper Bag– Fawn Design

Outfit #2

Jacket– Madewell

Jeans– AG Jeans


Diaper Bag– Fawn Design in Gray

Shoes– Vans- similar