To say I am ready for warmer weather, sunshine and NO RAIN would be an understatement.  The drought it over, mother nature, so let’s just lay off California for a bit, ok?

With warmer weather means lighter clothes and all the great spring pieces.  Of all the spring trends, the one I love most is beautiful, feminine, floral dresses.  They are so versatile because they can go with a jean jacket, flats, heels, or even a great sweater like the one in this post.  Being new to this whole blogging thing has me looking to those who inspire me on a daily basis with wonderful looks and new trends.  Enter Cara Loren.  Her blog is amazing.  She is always coming up with new great content, and she now has a clothing line with versatile pieces for everyday life.  I love this sweater so much because it goes  with everything from jeans to dresses.  It is super soft and quite warm for transitioning into spring.  She is my major girl crush, and I am sure you will see why when you visit her blog.

That being said- I could never wear some of the looks she does (she has rock hard abs, too so that may have something to do with it).  But seriously, finding our own identity in everything from fashion, to work can be challenging.  I remember when I was learning how to try a case.  I was told by one of the amazing coaches I worked with that I had to find my own personality in the courtroom, and try the case as myself.  The preparation, rehearsal, memorization is great, but it doesn’t get you to that genuine place that a jury wants to see and know.  I finally got there, and would say silly things to a panel of 12- but that was me, and I couldn’t change that!  The same thing goes for this whole blogging thing.  My personal style is not super fashion forward or edgy, and I most certainty don’t take huge risks- but it’s me, so I hope you like what I have to share.  I hope it helps you be YOU as well, because you know you are awesome!



Sweater– Cara Loren Shop


Shoes- Similar here and these on sale here 

Handbag (also comes in Grey) and only $50! Also reminds me off this amazing Rebecca Minkoff bag for spring (I want it so bad in pink)

Choker– Made by Mary with Love (such great quality), and I also love the rose gold.