A couple of weekends ago, we shot family photos for baby girl’s 1st birthday.  Trying to coordinate outfits and color schemes- along with naps, toddler attitude, uninterested husbands, etc. can be quite the challenge.  I even said halfway through the photo shoot that we cannot have a third child- there is no way we could get everyone to look at the camera and smile!

That being said, I am so happy with how the photos turned out.  We worked with the amazingly talented Hillary Blair- website here.  She is so good with kids.  But the end of it, my son was posing for her and seeing if she would react to his new tricks.  The baby was all smiles the whole time as well (must be a good age).  Hillary even tolerated my husband’s questionable jokes.  We are so lucky to have found her, so if you are in the Sacramento area, check her out.

Getting everyone dressed in a cohesive color palette takes effort and time.  I tried to keep some of the looks casual and neutral (for the boys) with a focus on more trendy and vibrant pieces (for the girls, of course).  Getting everyone to smile and look at the camera at the same time is another sort of challenge.  We brought a box of mini peanut butter cups for Jacob to snack on throughout the shoot- earning a couple each time he did what we wanted.  He had upwards of 20.  By the time the sugar high wore off, he had gotten more comfortable and continued to take good photos.  For the baby, being outside and being held was enough to keep her happy…this time.

If you know me, you know that I get the majority of my kids’ clothes from Old Navy.  I find that their prices are really reasonable, the quality is good, and everything is just so darn cute!  Generally, I place one big order per season for each kid, and since my kids are small (and I try not to feed them too much), four times a year is usually sufficient.

I will link what is still available from our shoot below.  Unfortunately, they move inventory in and out so fast.  Sometimes they repeat items, like Jacob’s adorable boots (that we have had in multiple sizes for him).  I will do a Spring Fashion roundup here soon for the kiddos.  Hope you enjoyed our family photos!

On me:

Dress– Similar

Boots– on major sale

Watch– Similar


On Jacob:

Sweater– Similar


Jeans- Similar (his are Zara)

On Marissa:

Vest– Similar, and another cute one here

Dress- Similar



On Jeff (poor thing needs some new stuff- all old):

Shirt– Similar

Sweater– Similar

Pants– Similar

Boots– Similar, a more affordable option here