Hi All!

As you may know, we moved last May.  We moved from a house without a formal dining area or living room to a house with both.  Needless to say, it was a blank slate- great right?!  No, not great.  I found the task of filling up these two new rooms very daunting.  Mainly, I just kept buying pieces I liked, then realizing they didn’t fit the space, or didn’t go with the other items in the house.  Enter Design Shop Interiors.  After a bit of research and some husband convincing, I enlisted the help of the talented team over at Design Shop.  I am so glad I found them!

In doing my research of “Sacramento Interior Designers” I didn’t come up with much.  There are a few out there, but I could tell that their tastes didn’t exactly match mine, and I wanted someone who could take me above and beyond the traditional looks of interior design.  I will also say that the last time I tried to hire an interior designer, she gave me my money back, and told me I was good enough at it to just do it myself.  This time, I wanted someone who could take my home to the next level, and teach me a few things along the way.  And all three girls- Leyla (the owner), Ashlee and Whitney did just that.

Without giving away all of what they do, I felt very comfortable entrusting them to put together a look for my home.  And let me tell you, it involved a lot of measuring!  Ooops, I had been forgetting to do that.  With their help and expertise, I successfully redecorated my living room, dining room, and family room.  They also worked with the pieces that I already had, which was awesome for saving money.  Now, don’t get me wrong, design is never done, and there are still many empty walls and things we need to add to make this place a “lived in” home.  But it was a great start and I can’t wait to keep adding to it.

If you are interested in hiring these ladies, I would call as early as possible they are booked!  I was in a rush for Thanksgiving, and they delivered on time, but again, design takes time.

Here is my living room, with a guest appearance by none other than the dog, Lily.


Designers- Design Shop Interiors

Couch- Naturewood- no longer available online



Coffee Table

Side Table


Fuzzy Stool

Pillows- here and here

Books- here and here

Decorative Items- Vases, Candle Holder/Terrarium and these bookends (in the bar)

Coasters- Home Goods- Similar here and here and love these 

My outfit

Love this top and it’s on sale!


Necklaces- here and here 

Lip- Kylie Lip Kit