What do brows and lips have in common?  Most people know that doing them correctly can really transform your look.  What most people don’t know is that the same technique can be used for both to accentuate your natural assets, or to create the illusion that you were born with perfect brows or lips- its called over-lining.

For me, I never over-line my lips.  They are huge and I have been teased half my life- the wounds of adolescence take years to heal.  However, when it comes to brows, I love to mimic a great arch with this technique.  Luckily, the pictures for this post were taken before my 3 year old bumped his head on my eyebrow, giving me a very swollen brow 🙂

I didn’t pay attention to brows until a couple of years ago, when I discovered the Anastasia Brow Bar at Nordstrom.  What is great about this place, and all Anastasia stores, is that your wax will be the same every single time because they use a stencil.  I started with the brow bar, loved the shape, and learned how to fill them in and do the upkeep myself.  I used this product to grow in those sparse areas, and currently use other Anastasia products to use on a daily basis to mimic the beautiful brows they create.  Now, I only go every few months for a touch up.

Each day, I use the Anastasia pomade, along with the angled brush- starting from the inner corner, moving outward, and over-lining at the top of my brow.  Generally speaking, I do this after I have completed most of my makeup.  I especially recommend using the “brow mascara” after everything else is done because powder can collect on the brows and look a little furry.  I use the Benefit brow mascara to help keep all the hairs in place and it also provides a bit of color as well.  Sometimes this is all I use when I am going for a natural look (gym days,etc.).

Now, for the lips, I have to say that I have just started wearing the new matte lipstick trend.  I have always stuck to gloss and tried to minimize the size of my lips.  That being said, I love the new matte trend, and I also love the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits– her glosses are great quality as well.  In this post, I am using the color Dirty Peach.  I have a few others, but this is my favorite for my skin color.  I start with the liner, which I think is important, especially for the darker colors.  I line from the outside corners, into the center, then line a few vertical lines throughout the lip.  Then, I apply the liquid matte- making sure to color inside the lines, just like they teach us as toddlers.  Then I blot the liquid with my finger until it is dry, and voila!  Lips complete the look for me, and it is the last thing I do before heading out.

This is the way I like to do my brows, but it does take work and upkeep, and my brows are by no means perfect.  I have heard a lot about microblading, but I am too scared to try it.  Has anyone done it?  What was your experience?


Thanks for reading and here is the Product List!

Pomade– in soft brown

Angled Brush– Elf makes another one that is also more budget friendly

Brow Mascara– in medium

Lip Kit

My top is sold out but here are some similar versions– here and here on sale

My necklace